Hi there, I’m Catherine.


Welcome to Single Summit. The idea behind this blog is simple: I am a single woman in her mid-late twenties, and like many of the same breed, I’ve experienced my fair share of heart ache. On my quest to make peace with my independence, I’ve recently found that hiking is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve had a novice experience with hiking in the past, and I am by no means anything close to an expert. I simply enjoy the outdoors and seek solitary adventure. I plan to document each hike and detail not only my physical relationship with each experience, but my emotional one as well. Hopefully, my words and adventures will resonate with at least one person and another single summit-er will be born. If not, maybe┬áthere will be a few laughs (100% at my expense).

In an endless sea of engagement announcements, wedding pictures and newborn photoshoots, you’ve found a girl just hanging out in the woods by herself. It’ll be a good time though–promise.